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    Wild On Media Inc. provides advertising and promotional services such as wall projections, laser advertising, aerial advertising, street teams, Walking Billboards, LED Video Truck advertising and a lot more, across Canada.


    Wild On Media provides various mediums for advertising your business. It includes video billboard campaigns, mobile advertising agencies, LED video billboards, mobile outdoor advertising across Toronto and Ontario.


    Based in Toronto, Wild On Media offers outstanding professional services - Aerial Advertising, Wall Projections, Mobile Truck Advertising, Walking Billboards, Laser and Wall Projections, Human Sign Spinners and more - across Canada.

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    • Wild On Media executives and managers have many years of experience with a variety of advertising mediums.

  • Wild On Media has a wide range of satisfied clients who return again and again.

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  • Learn more about Wild On Media’s advertising and promotional mediums, outdoor opportunities, industry status and more.

  • Contact Wild On Media Inc. in Toronto for advertising services like mobile advertising, aerial advertising, wall projections, and more.

  • To apply for an exciting outdoor advertising career, particularly in sales, contact Wild On Media.

  • For one month in September 2013, three 5-member Walking Billboard teams conducted a successful goodie-bag giveaway and Second Harverst charity campaign for the promotion of Richtree's new restaurant in Toronto's Eaton Centre. More Gallery pages are coming - check back with us.

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