Project Description

Client: Richtree Restaurant

Agency: Maverick

Medium: Walking Billboards, Brand Ambassadors

Objective: To promote the opening of the new restaurant in the Eaton Centre

Target: Downtown Toronto, Eaton Centre

Tactic: For one month in September, two 5-member Wild on Media Walking Billboards teams in Toronto conducted a hugely popular combined goodie-bag giveaway and Second Harvest charity campaign. The teams circulated in highly defined targets at specific times and according to customized schedules from Yorkville to Union Station, and from Spadina to the St. Lawrence Market.

Continuous refinement of the schedule was maintained throughout the campaign to maximize reach. The group would fluctuate between staying together to maximize visual impact, or divide into groups, according to the marketing decisions being made on the fly by the Supervisor, Team Leaders, Wild On Media management, the agency and the client, in reaction to opportunities that arose unexpectedly, and also taking advantage of special events occurring in the target areas.

Wild on Media continually and actively promoted the campaign via social media platforms with updates and photos live from the streets, as it happened.