Digital Ad truck & Walking billboards – Greenpeace

Project Description

Client: Greenpeace

Medium: Digital Ad Truck & Walking Billboards w/Brand Ambassadors

Market: Toronto & Vancouver. Specifically, Walmart’s parking lots and Walmart’s head office

Objective: Utilize various media to protest Walmart’s tuna brand "Great Value" and their supplier's destructive fishing practices

Target: Shoppers at major supermarkets’ parking lots in Toronto and Vancouver

Tactic: Greenpeace utilized a Digital Truck in November 2015 to target major supermarkets in Toronto to protest Cloverleaf Tuna's destructive & harmful fishing practices. In June 2016, with an LED Video Truck they targeted major Walmart stores to protest their own tuna brand "Great Value" and their supplier's destructive fishing practices. In November 2016 they targeted Walmart's head office with the Digital Truck in Toronto, again to protest their tuna supplier's fishing practice and at the same time in downtown Vancouver, they utilized Walking Billboards with Brand Ambassadors along with Greenpeace volunteers to encourage people on the streets to sign a petition protesting the same issue. Soon after this campaign, Walmart agreed to a meeting with Greenpeace to discuss the issue of their Great Value tuna brand supplier's destructive fishing practices.