20th Century FOX – Prometheus

Project Description

Client: 20th Century Fox

Agency: Zenith Optimedia

Medium: Laser and Wall Projections, Digital Ad Truck

Objective: To promote the release of Prometheus on Blu-ray/DVD

Target: Toronto

Tactic: Wild On Media executed a Wall Projection advertising campaign in Toronto for the Blu-ray DVD release of 20th Century Fox’s Prometheus film in October 2012.

This was a guerrilla campaign designed to be flexible and it moved from wall to wall to effectively reach the target market in Toronto, wherever the highest viewership was found.

Hundreds of thousands of passersby, and the occupants and residents in nearby buildings were highly entertained by the unusual and memorable activity of the show. They would usually stop and read everything until they were sure the cycle was repeating, making for a truly memorable experience.

20th Century Fox continued the Prometheus campaign in Toronto by adding Wild On Media’s LED Truck (sight and sound, night and day) and Wild On Media’s Laser Wall Projection services.