20th Century Fox – Penguins of Madagascar

Project Description

Client: 20th Century Fox

Agency: Zenith Optimedia

Medium: Digital Ad Truck & Walking Billboards

Objective: To promote Penguins of Madagascar movie release.

Target: Toronto

Tactic: Four different creatives were used for the Walking Billboards. The Brand Ambassadors were costumed as dapper penguins and flapped, waddled and danced all over Toronto, night and day. The LED Truck kept a busy schedule circulating near the penguins to support their message with amazing, exciting and fun video trailers of the film, with full audio. People of all ages stopped to watch, take videos and pictures of their families and friends, took selfies, posed with the penguins and with the truck. All the busiest communities were reached frequently and repeatedly. It was particularly gratifying to see the reactions of children and their parents to the all the fun and activity popping up here, there and everywhere

The LED Truck covered a broader geographical reach than the penguin team, circulating within and nearby the busiest malls from Pickering in the east, Vaughan Mills in the north, Mississauga’s Square One to the west, and all the primary malls and shopping corridors within that area.

When the Pittsburgh Penguins played the Toronto Maple Leafs, Wild On Media’s penguins donned Maple Leaf jerseys and visited the Leafs and Penguins fans at many sports bars in the city – Real Sports Bar, The Loose Moose, Jack Astor’s, The Ballroom, Wayne Gretzky’s, Hoops Sports Bar and Shoeless Joe’s. The Pita Pit even invited the team in for a free meal!

Wild On Media fully supported the campaign via continuous social media – Twitter and Facebook primarily – and kept the conversation ongoing. A full record of the LED Truck’s and the Walking Billboards team’s activities and social media impact were provided to the client on a daily basis encouraging scheduling changes and modifications as the campaign continued.

The penguins would have been seen by a broad audience when they happened to be caught by television cameras shooting morning shows