Progressive Conservatives

Project Description

Client: PC Provincial Political Party Ontario

Medium: Digital Ad Truck

Market: Toronto Downtown

Objective: To have a presence outside the CBC studios where the debate was held with all political parties on June 3, 2014.To have a presence on June 11, 2014 at four scheduled Toronto Liberal MPP locations where Kathleen Wynn was to rally.

Target: Ad 18 +

Tactic: to utilize a Digital Ad Truck on June 3, 2014 to park it in front of the main entrance of the CBC studios. Main goal of campaign was to bring awareness to the public that Kathleen Wynn was similar to her predecessor Dalton McGuinty when her election platform was based on bringing in new changes. We also utilized a Digital Truck to target voters at the four scheduled Liberal MPP Toronto locations where Kathleen Wynn was going to be campaigning.