GWL Realty, Southcore Toronto Promotion

Project Description

Client: GWL Realty

Agency: Metalworks

Medium: Digital Ad Truck

Market: Downtown Toronto

Objective: To reach commercial real estate agents, who were being shown a presentation at competitors’ development site situated directly across the street from the client’s Southcore Financial Centre Development, in the financial district.

Target: Commercial real estate agents

Tactic: : During a 1-day real estate conference in Toronto that occurred progressively at several locations, GWL Realty Advisors commissioned one of Wild On Media's LED Video Trucks to display a thrilling and informative video (produced by Metalworks Productions Inc.) about the new Southcore Financial Centre development. The truck found areas immediately adjacent to the conference locations where it stopped for prolonged periods before, during and after each session, then moved to the next location following conference attendees. At specific times, the truck circulated the Toronto Financial District which was a primary target market for the GWL Southcore promotional campaign. GWL and Metalworks were pleased with the medium, and engaged their own social media live for the duration of the conference.