Laser Wall Projection Advertising

A wall projection campaign offers advertisers an exciting and rarely seen method to target specific groups and demographics. Blank walls throughout major cities offer a great diversity of canvases.  Typically executed in guerrilla style, it allows more adventurous advertisers to communicate their messages in unusual and unexpected locations. For this reason, Wall Projections are now among fastest growing out-of-home mediums in Canada - especially those that include brand ambassadors and promotional street teams.

Wall projections are most commonly full motion video, but online interactivity is also possible (for instance, viewers can text a message that appears on the wall) as well as simple static images or slideshows.

No matter what type of experiential marketing event you wish to create, if its happening during twilight or after dark, there are a multitude of options for the integration of wall projections - interactive or otherwise. An effective use is to project one high to gain the attention of an entire market to attract participants closer. When they arrive they could be treated to a different kind of Wild On Media medium or an augmented reality, motion detection or other type of experience involving or not involving the projection itself. Their experience or their creations could even become projected high above to entertain and attract more people. That is experiential marketing at its best - your market becomes your marketers!


Laser Wall Projections

Wild On Media now offers Laser Advertising. These campaigns are executed essentially the same way that traditional wall projections occur, however they can originate from an enormous distance (completely across an entire city if the sight line is unobstructed).

To witness an active or even hyperactive laser projections on a building, with no indication of a source, is an incredibly memorable experience. There is such a vast rainbow of colours, text movements and motions it is not easy to describe. Click here for an example of a recent, simple campaign utilizing low and high level walls as a canvases – the lower one to reach a highly targeted local audience, and the skyscraper wall was utilized to reach a broad audience in one geographical half of a city.

Wild On Media has investigated a selection of blank wall opportunities and can offer professional advice regarding where a laser projection or other type of wall projection would be best placed to reach your target audience.

Video Wall Projections Success Stories

“The all-new 2009 Ford Flex is an exciting addition to our Crossover line up, and represents Ford's commitment to delivering automotive innovation and forward thinking to the Canadian marketplace. We wanted a communication strategy that fits this thinking, and implementing a media campaign incorporating Wall Projections was an obvious choice for delivering that strategy."

Jamie Rae, Marketing Communications Manager, Ford of Canada

"We feel that the Red Bull Wild on Media Wall Projections campaign was a great compliment to our tactics on the ground. Ensuring flexibility in terms of locations and almost real-time adjustments, this support represents a unique platform that creates surprises and brings a lot of attention. Plus, service was really fast, almost real-time."

Marc-Andre Menard, STRATEGE media

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