Street Teams

Walking Billboards

Walking Billboards, are in-your-space advertising. Live walkers, better known as Brand Ambassadors, walk throughout planned target areas, wearing your message to communicate directly to your prospective customers which will result in the best possible return for your advertising dollars. Innovative, dynamic and effective. Walking Billboards offer a unique and exciting entrance into the world of instant communication. Five to 20 walkers will provide a powerful, emotional sense of involvement and a human touch with your message.


Wild On Media introduced these unique AdBikes to Canada a few years ago. These Adbikes have been popular throughout Asia and Europe for many years. AdBikes are an innovative human-powered mobile medium, mounted with light boxes, which can be pedaled along city streets, pedestrian paths, service roads, park areas, amusement sites and mall areas, and when the opportunity arises, stationed at important viewing areas where the Bikes Brand Ambassadors intermingle with your prospective clients. The Bikes are eco-friendly to move in crowded areas because their lighting system is LED which does not warm the space around them. A complete sound system allows corporate messages, sound tracks and even radio commercials.

AdBikes are mobile ads offering quality mobile advertising that attracts attention day and night and are an ideal solution to reach targeted audiences at a desired place and time. Distribution of promotional material is handled by the drivers when they are stationery and the drivers can disembark.

Mobile Advertising Success Facts
95% of people that drive or walk by a mobile billboard view them. 85% actually read them.
Source: Outdoor Advertising Association Of America

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