Video Advertising Trucks

Note: If you are looking for human-powered Adbikes click here.

Our Mobile Advertising Trucks can roll into any Toronto, Montreal and other cities’ streets, avenues, boulevards, roads or parking areas – whichever ones offer the market you need to reach. If a large car can get there, so can they, in most circumstances.

Typically they travel with, and/or park, wherever the crowds are, and we also park them in plain view of major commuting thoroughfares during peak travel times.

They tend to represent the centrepiece and become gathering areas at events, protests and parades (even Santa Claus has used one!) and at entrances to events. Advertising trucks with audio capability are particularly effective for these purposes.

If you would like to see each truck on its own page, click the heading for that truck. This is the only page however that describes the Raising Screen LED Video Truck, immediately below.


Announcing the newest and hottest year-round advertising medium in the country!

Wild On Media's High Resolution Raising Screen LED Video Truck

This amazing truck is the only one in Canada that can raise one of its screens to nearly 17 feet high, and do it while a video is playing! When secured in position facing a large crowd, and with the truck's spectacular audio, this is a three-sided event on wheels. No other truck in Canada has a higher resolution and with LED technology, its just as bright in the day as it is at night.

All three screens operate independently. You could use one side for videos, another for gaming and another for a live broadcast.

Maybe you’d like to use it to bring gesture recognition to the street! Most people experience interactive gaming in their living room, but this truck makes it possible wherever it can be parked.

How about having the truck become an augmented reality marker and launch amazing experiences on people’s smart devices. Would you like the truck to continuously send out Bluetooth messages, coupons, web links and more? Or maybe you’d like to have the truck wrapped up as a present or turned into a futuristic vehicle, or maybe a Zamboni!

We do that.

NEW! Food Sampling Trucks!

We're super excited to announce the newest yummy addition to our mobile advertising mediums. Our Food and Sampling Trucks are not only available for Toronto. Right now you can book them for anywhere in Southern Ontario, and in the future we plan to expand even further to include towns and events far off the beaten path.

• Not licensed to conduct retail activity

• Toronto and Southern Ontario, more communities becoming available

• Short duration and long-term campaigns

• Follow the truck via GPS

• Convection oven

• 6,500 watt generator

• Refrigerator and freezer capabilities

• Blenders, mixers, toaster ovens etc. can be added. Brand Ambassadors can serve people in the area

• Cleaned to the extreme, and full or partial colourful and delicious wrapping

• Brand Ambassadors provided if desired - dominate a street event by combining your campaign with our colourful and dynamic Walking Billboards to create extra awareness and grow people's appetites before they even see to your Food Truck!

• Professional Social Media backing for your campaign through Wild On Media and potentially via third party Twitter services (check the number of Followers!) Let hungry tummies know where your Food Truck is, where its opening up next, and when - how cool is that!

Food trucks as services are not simply a trend or fad. They've been around for a very long time and aren't going away. People love them! In fact they've never been hotter. Click here for a Globe and Mail article and here for a Toronto Life article describing this growing fascination with wheeled food vendors.

(If its not a food you wish to promote or distribute, we'll adapt the interior of the food truck and there's lots of room for storage!)

Video Projection Truck

Back-lit from inside with live HD quality video and sound, our mobile Video Trucks can project dynamic video and static messages throughout the city. Illuminated in HD video from three projection panels (two are 63” X 84”) our mobile Video Trucks are often the highlight of a campaign. The Video Projection Advertising Truck can also be adapted for day time use by installing printed panels.

See photos below, and more Video Projection Truck Youtube videos are here.

LED Video, Sound and Bluetooth Truck

Our Day and Night LED Video, Sound and Bluetooth Truck can provide the same exposure as a Video Truck, with the added benefit of being strikingly vivid both day and night.

In a recent campaign nearly 500 Bluetooth messages were accepted by people the truck passed by (see video.) If the truck happens to be parked in an area that is so congested that the video is partially obstructed, a high quality sound message can still make contact with passers-by. The LED advertising truck is one of the newest, most fun, effective and versatile mediums Wild On Media offers.

See photos below, and for more terrific videos of the LED Truck in action, click here.

Scrolling Ad Truck

Your ad is printed on three panels mounted on three roller systems similar to the roller blinds on household windows. Messages from other advertisers may be printed above and below yours, or you can add additional messages.

According to a predetermined schedule, all three panels scroll up or down to reveal your advertisement. The ads can be seen from each side and the rear of the truck.

Glass Display Truck


While not actually glass, passers-by are treated to a giant surprise package on wheels.

You can decorate the interior virtually as you wish. We can even install rolling blinds on all sides that open and close even as the truck is moving, giving a really fun “peek-a-boo” affect. The blinds can be branded with logos or messages, or simply be in any solid colour.

Wild On Media can wrap this advertising truck as you wish, or fasten signage to various locations on the exterior and/or the large wall on one side of the interior.

The interior has full lighting and sound and can accommodate live models or animals when parked.

Tri-Vision Truck

For many years the tri-vision system has been popular on static billboards. Now you can take this tried and true system on the road with the Tri-Vision Advertising Truck.

After three huge different advertising messages are printed, each is split into segments and fixed to matching sides of dozens of three-sided rollers.

When the rollers rotate, the second advertisement is formed and is paused in position. When they rotate again, the third and final advertisement is formed. On the third rotation, the original one is formed and the rotations continue to a predetermined schedule.