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Many of Wild On Media’s mediums are regularly supported by Brand Ambassadors (which Wild On Media provides). The mediums on this page and listed above, are specifically designed for that type of promotion.

All manner of activity and promotion can occur, according to client wishes. We can provide any number of members. For instance, we recently concluded a brief 36-city Canadian campaign for one client and a summer long campaign in Toronto for another.

Eco-Friendy Walking Billboards



Walking Billboards, are in-your-space advertising. Street teams, better known as Brand Ambassadors, walk throughout planned target areas, wearing your message to communicate directly to your prospective customers. They are innovative, dynamic, effective, environmentally friendly and definitely memorable.

Five to 20 walkers in four or more teams will provide a powerful, emotional sense of involvement and a human touch with your message. This sustainable and eco-friendly advertising medium positions the advertiser as a responsible corporate citizen and an active local employer.

Youtube videos showing select Walking Billboard campaigns can be found here:

Benjamin Moore

Eco-Friendly Adbikes


Wild On Media introduced these unique AdBikes to Canada a few years ago having witnessed their popularity throughout Asia and Europe. AdBikes are an innovative human-powered mobile medium, mounted with light boxes, which can be pedaled along city streets, pedestrian paths, service roads, park areas, amusement sites and mall areas. When the opportunity arises, they can be stationed at important viewing areas where the Brand Ambassadors intermingle with your prospective clients.

The AdBikes are environmentally friendly because their LED lighting system does not get warm and requires very little energy to charge. A complete sound system allows corporate messages, sound tracks and even radio commercials.

AdBikes are mobile ads offering quality mobile advertising that attracts attention day and night and are an ideal solution to reach targeted audiences at a desired place and time. Distribution of promotional material is handled by the drivers when they are stationary and the drivers can disembark.

Hot Weather Misting Centre

Go to :50 and also go to 1:45 for Misting Centre footage:

These fun and super cool advertising mediums, sometimes called Misting Tents, provide welcomed refreshment during the warmest days of the summer. It can be safely secured onto pavement or grass and needn’t have access to a water source.

Wild On Media’s inflatable, self-powered and fully plumbed Misting Centre has proven time and time again that it will always be one of the “hottest” spots during Canada’s hottest days. Families return to it again and again to get through their day at picnics and other types of events.

Brand Ambassadors can easily handle water changing and management duties and utterly enjoy the fact that their efforts are so appreciated and bring so much joy, particularly to kids and exasperated parents. And your company will be delighted to have provided the fun!


A Few Words About Street Teams and Brand Ambassadors

Activity on the Streets of a city gives it vitality, adds excitement and creates an atmosphere of friendly participation. That’s why street teams are so effective in making people aware of the importance of charitable organizations, new product introductions, or assisting the public to better understand their city, province and country.

Throughout Canadian cities, street teams can be seen every day making direct contact with consumers happily creating bonds that elevate the importance of a given message. This human contact is so cost effective in its ability to sell products and communicate ideas and concepts, that the practice continues.

A Few Words About Special Events

Can you imagine not attending an outdoor event over the course of a year - in at least one season or another? Probably not. Our environment would be very dull and gloomy if we had none! Every city encourages organizations to produce exciting and helpful events, and that is why Canadians have so many wonderful ethnic festivals, charity events, special interest shows and holiday fairs every year.

Events are also very important for corporations - for promoting a milestone anniversary, introducing new products, announcing a critical new appointment, launching a move to a new location, celebrating a merger, or even celebrating with staff that have been with the company for a particular number of years. Events can garner free positive publicity - an added value. Not only can corporate events boost staff morale, they are an excellent way to elevate the company’s stature in the eyes of potential employees, consumers, clients, suppliers and shareholders.

Advertisers may opt to employ performing artists - clowns, tricksters, comedians, musicians, chalk artists that create refreshing splashes of colour under foot, hugely entertaining flash mobs and even barbershop quartets. They enjoy bringing fun, laughter and even thoughtful contemplation to an audience. For that, an advertiser is bound to receive appreciation and stay in the memory of the passers-by, and that is always good for sales.

Wild On Media can help with all these terrific promotional ideas.