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Digital Night Sign Helicopter

Additional Digital Night Sign footage can be seen throughout this video:

In the darkness of the night appears a starlight cluster of letters that spell out a message that seems to emanate from the stars itself. It's awe inspiring! It's memorable! These are the types of messages you’ll remember for moons to come.

The Digital Night Sign's 8 by 36 feet of high intensity xenon digital lights are secured to the underbody of a helicopter that slowly and dramatically crawls its way across the sky, scrolling and flashing your 288 square feet of messages and simplified logos.

The Digital Night Sign has a 3 km. viewing range and can hop from area to area in a single flight, giving thousands of people the memory of experiencing a magnificent show in the sky! If time is allocated for a local refueling, the fun can can last twice as long!

"The Digital Night Sign at the Virgin Music Festival in Toronto provided Pizza Pizza with a very unique and powerful communication platform, consistent with their brand values of bringing people together."

Fred Masciarelli, Media Director, Media Dimensions Limited.


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Laser Advertising Projections

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