Aerial Advertising Services

Whether large or small, flown day or night, witnessing aerial advertising can be regarded as one of the most memorable events in a person’s lifetime. This is a cornerstone medium for Wild On Media.

We have provided three separate categories to make your understanding and selection easier - Daytime (below), Night, and Extreme Aerial Advertising.

Aerial Advertising – Night
Extreme Aerial Advertising

Sky Murals © and Sky Signs ©

Aerial Advertising - Day & Overview

Above: Toronto Sky Sign campaign for Coors Light

Practically since man learned to fly, aerial advertising mediums have proven their popularity among those clients who wish to add an extra WOW dimension to their campaign. Think of a colourful digitally printed logo or text message enhanced by a photo-quality image on a 3,000 to 20,000 square foot aerial banner being towed slowly across the sky by a churning helicopter. Such a sight and sound has an emotional impact and a massive reach among entire populations.

Any time of the year you can pick events, regions, cities, commuter routes or any combination, and without being subject to event, local or highway advertising restrictions, your campaign will start commanding massive visual and audible attention.

Even if an aerial banner doesn’t happen to pass directly in front of a person, the sound (and even the feel) of a helicopter’s rotors overhead ensure that they stop and turn their eyes skyward, look out their windows, and grab their cameras. If they happen to not look upwards, they certainly change their mind when they see everybody stopped in their tracks and pointing!

Extreme Sky Mural Advertising

The larger the banner, the greater the visual and word-of-mouth impact. A Sky Mural greater than 10,000 square feet could only be described as “Extreme Advertising” and would set a new Canadian record for size. Regardless of the product, service or event being promoted, such a campaign would greatly encourage attention by both the advertising industry and mainstream media. This has happened (click to see BNN news coverage).

Selection of Notable Aerial Banner Success Stories

Bank of Montreal determined that a Wild on Media Sky Mural was a natural tie-in for the launch of its Air Miles Customer Reward Program. BMO’s 10,000 square foot banner was flown more than 20 times over Toronto and Vancouver delivering a powerful “uplifting” message to thousands of current and potential BMO customers.

When one of Canada's most prestigious newspapers, The Globe and Mail, wanted to tell as many Canadians as possible about the introduction of their new Life Section, they included a 5,000 square foot Sky Mural in their media plan. The banner also flew two dozen times over Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, reaching millions of people.

It was only natural that Superman and Batman (and Oceans 11) took to the skies as Warner Brothers progressively promoted the release of these blockbuster films.

Even Twentieth Century Fox joined the fun with the release of Fantastic 4. So thrilled was Warner Brothers with their Sky Mural campaign, they booked a sky scraper laser advertising campaign for the launch of Prometheus in 2012.


Take your message to the next level - a level where each letter of your message is about the height of the CN Tower, and floats between 7,000 and 17,000 feet in the sky! Click here for more information.


Blimps rise above all other day and night mediums as the ultimate VIP and media venue. Click here for more information.


© “Sky Mural” is Wild On Media’s product name for what is traditionally referred to as an “aerial banner” greater than 3,000 square feet, which must be towed by a helicopter due to its weight (slowly for maximum visual impact over a greater distance).

© “Sky Sign” is Wild On Media’s product name for a regular “aerial banner” with a maximum size of 3,000 square feet which can be towed by a small airplane for maximum geographic coverage, or by a helicopter for a different kind of experience. (Note - A biplane can tow a Sky Sign up to 4,000 square feet).