Aerial Advertising

Sky Murals
Our Aerial Advertising mediums has proven their popularity among many clients who wish to add an extra WOW to their campaigns. Think of your logo on a 10,000 square foot Sky Mural being towed across the sky by a helicopter or airplane. Incredible impact & reach.  Massive full-colour, digitally painted airborne advertising, 5,000 to 15,000 square feet banners towed by helicopter. Pick the events of your choice, the cities of your choice, the dates of your choice and create a powerhouse of talk among potential customers. Raise the competitive bar in your favour in one campaign. Sky Murals have that kind of effect.

Sky Signs
For clients who are planning campaigns on a limited budget, SKY SIGNS, can add drama to the message. Sky Signs are digitally painted in sizes up to 3000 square feet. They are towed by fixed wing aircraft and are available in major cities across Canada. 

Aerial Advertising

Digital Night Signs
In the darkness of the night appears a starlight cluster of letters that spell out a message that seems to emanate from the stars itself. It's awe inspiring! It's memorable! These are the types of messages you remember for moons to come. The Digital Night Sign's 8 feet by 36 feet - high intensity xenon digital lights are secured to the under body of a helicopter that wings it's way across the sky, scrolling and flashing messages and logos. The Digital Night Sign has a 3 kilometer viewing range, covering a wide area for thousands of people to glimpse at the magnificent show in the sky!

Skywriting is an aviation technique created by vaporizing specially treated and environmentally approved oil in the plane's exhaust system to form letters in the sky. There are two different types of skywriting: Traditional and Digital. Traditional – is executed with one aircraft performing aerobatic maneuvers while releasing white peanut oil eco-friendly smoke to write 5-6 characters in a hand-written style as well draw basic logos. Digital – is executed with five aircraft flying in formation while releasing white peanut oil eco-friendly smoke in a dot matrix style to write 25 characters which look like they have been typewritten.

Typically, Skywriting is performed between 7,000 and 17,000 feet and ideal conditions are "clear, blue skies" with no more than moderate winds up to three knots. Skywriting can be done any time of the year, even in very cold climates. On a clear day, each letter can be seen for up to 30 miles in any direction. That's over 30,000 square miles for each written message. Each letter is about one mile high, and the average FOUR to SIX character message is written across a ten mile slate in the sky.

These revolutionary Blimps are available in 128 and 165 feet lengths and are designed by and for marketing professionals. They are totally illuminated for nighttime advertising and have a passenger carrying capability. The Blimps offer the ultimate VIP and media venue. We offer easy interchangeability of corporate, brand or product messages on a 90 feet by 20 feet banner sites, or LED night sign technology. Blimps are the super promotional element in a long ranging campaign for corporate dominance in the marketplace.

Aerial Advertising Success Stories
Wild on Media's "Sky Murals" proved to be a natural tie-in for the BMO launch of their Air Miles customer reward program. The 10,000 square foot mural was flown over Toronto and Vancouver delivering a powerful good news message to thousands of current and potential BMO customers. SKY MURALS - uncluttered - unmatched - unique in every respect.

When Canada's most important newspaper, the Globe and Mail, wanted to tell as many Canadians as possible about the introduction of their new Life Section, they included a 5000 square foot "Sky Mural" in their media plan. The mural flew over Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, reaching hundreds of thousands of current and potential Globe and mail readers. SKY MURALS - uncluttered messages in the sky.

Batman took to the sky with joy as Warner Brothers promoted the release of its, "Batman Dark Night" movie. A great series needs a great tribute and the 'Batman-Dark Night" Wild on Media Sky Mural was a fitting salute as thousands of Montrealers watched and cheered in all parts of Montreal.

"The Digital Night Sign at the Virgin Music Festival in Toronto provided Pizza Pizza with a very unique and powerful communication platform, consistent with their brand values of bringing people together."
- Fred Masciarelli, Media Director, Media Dimensions Limited.