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Two years ago the City of Toronto introduced a new sign tax, one part of which dealt with a tax on Video Billboards. Because of the manner in which it was imposed it resulted in an unfair tax.In what turned out to be an unfair judgment, the committee which devised the tax did not take into consideration some basic factors when planning the rate of the tax. They omitted to consider the size of the sign, the location of the sign or the revenue acquired by the sign.These three factors are extremely important when arriving at the value of the sign.

As a result of their lack of consideration of these factors, they simply decided all Video Billboards should pay a $24,000 a year tax.In other words, if we are to follow their thinking, a 700 square foot shack in the far reaches of the city would pay the same tax as a 7000 square foot home in Forest Hill or a 565 Square foot condo on Steeles Avenue, would paythe same tax as a 2500 square foot condo on Bloor Street.Size and location didn’t seem to be of concern to this committee and yet, size and location have a great effect on the revenue a sign generates.

The tax should be based on revenues, similar to income tax.In other words a Video Billboard sign whose yearly gross is $100,000 per year should not be paying the same tax as a Video Billboard with a yearly gross of $500,000 a year.It’s unfair. By the time the owner of the $100,000 gross per year sign pays for all of his costs including rents and commissions, he will, likely end up with $12,000 in profits. After paying a $24,000 tax he’ll suffer a loss of $12,000.Whereas, the owner of the Video Billboard with earnings of $500,000 a year has no such problem.

We are not against a sign tax. We do believe, however, that the current sign tax is unfair. We are sure that all fair minded councilors will see their way clear to re-adjusting this part of the sign tax to make it more equitable and just.

Guaranteed Delivery: Canadian companies are racing to send advertising messages by truck!

There's a mobile advertising truck to suit every market, message and budget.

Trucks are the transport vehicle of choice for wholesale and retail businesses, and they also carry the load for the manufacturing and building industries as well. While transporting items from “Point A” (the source) to “Point B” (the user) advertisers have always used the sides and backs of trucks to send a message from Point A to as many “Point C’s” (Customers) as possible along the way.

Without question, trucks are definitely today’s workhorses for moving everything, and as far as advertising goes, companies sometimes assume there is no choice other than size for displaying their message. In other words, truck advertising has always been a popular and proven medium.

In fact there are at least five non-static image truck advertising systems on wheels, and at least eight ways you can communicate with them. They may not move product, but they can go anywhere a car can go, and they certainly don’t slow down traffic! Everyone sees them, yet they bother nobody.

They don’t even need to be moving while communicating messages from Point A to thousands of Point C’s. Sometimes when you park one of these super cool advertising trucks, people will come! In fact, some trucks continuously attract Point C’s via Bluetooth.

Lately we’ve seen mobile advertising trucks used for some very exciting video, audio and mobile device promotions in Toronto – uptown, downtown, around town, out of town, on street corners and gathering spots, parked adjacent to commuter routes, at entrances to and exits from sporting and entertainment events, and on any day or night of the week.

How many 18-wheelers can do that?

Mobile LED Video Advertising Truck
Equally effective day and night
Static image slides if desired
Video on three independent state-of-the-art LED screens
High quality sound
Bluetooth messaging to smartdevices within 500-foot radius

Mobile Video Projection Advertising Truck
Dusk and night time only
Static image slides if desired
Video on three independent screens
High quality sound

Mobile Scrolling Advertising Truck
Equally effective day and night
Static images printed on scrolling canvases
Three ads rotate on rollers on all three sides, according to a schedule

Mobile Glass Display Advertising Truck
Equally effective day and night
A three-sided Plexiglas showcase on wheels
Internal lighting, can house models when parked
High quality sound
Roller blinds can continuously hide and reveal your display
Entire truck can be wrapped

Mobile Tri-Vision Advertising Truck
Daytime only
Larger than all other trucks
Three super-sized static images rotate on each of three sides

Exciting events make Toronto summers sizzle

Toronto's yearly calendar of events can be truly called international. The flavour of the events touches all the citizens who come to Toronto from the four corners of the world.It’s very exciting to be able to enjoy a field of events that covers all artistic areas and all ethnic backgrounds.

Toronto stages some of the best events in Canada and viisitors come from all over the world to join its citizens in the enjoyment of exciting events that cover sports, music, food, parades, and out-of-the-ordinary joyful happenings.

In June 2012, Toronto offers LUMINATO (June 8-17) where the best artists from Canada and the world fill the Toronto stage. There’s the Toronto DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL (June 23-24) that allows the competitive spirit of participants to swiftly move through the waters of Lake Ontario to the thunderous applause of those watching lakeside. One of the main events of the summer is the PRIDE WEEK (June 22-July1) celebrations of the lifestyle of an important Toronto community, concluding with a giant Parade. For Jazz music lovers there’s the Toronto JAZZ FESTIVAL (June24-July 3) with some of the best Jazz musicians participating on the program.

July is a very busy month for events, starting with the PRIDE PARADE and the CHIN PICNIC on Canada Day.For racing enthusiasts, the HONDA INDY (July 6, 7, 8) with devoted fans from all over North America following the race track side or on TV. The event is followed by the tribute to the Latino community with SALSA ON ST. CLAIR (July16-17) with a vast display of unique and tasty foods. Then comes the CARIBANA FESTIVAL (July 17-Aug 6) featuring possibly the most elaborate and beautiful costumes ever seen in a parade. CARIBANA also provides hundreds of thousands of fans with a feast of many tasty foods as well as a feast for the eyes.

August begins with the final 6 days of CARIBANA with many exciting party days. On August 19 we launch the largest of the Toronto food festivals with the TASTE OF THE DANFORTH. The festival features wonderful Greek food and music and is attended by well over a million people. August Events reach a conclusion with the beginning of the CNE (Aug.17-Sept.3) also known as the CANADIAN NATIONAL EXHIBITION. This is an updated version of an old-fashioned farm fair with domestic animals, home grown food, top entertainment and carnival rides. It’s a "must see" for anyone living within 15,000 miles of Toronto, therefore anyone in the Western Hemisphere.

As we get into September the final few days of the CNE is highlighted by the very popular NATIONAL AIR SHOW. For anyone interested in flight, this is a must see show. Next is what has been called the classiest film festival in the world – the TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (6-16) – eleven days of FANtastic viewing of many of the world’s great Stars and their movies. Look at them, talk to them, drink with them and enjoy their movies. This festival is a Fan based festival, where the Stars get to hobnob with the Fans. That’s why the Stars keep coming back. On September 29 we (sort of) close out the summer with NUITE BLANCHE an all-night party of very interesting artful happenings where more than 300,000 people wander the bars and streets of Toronto seeking out artistic creative endeavors by people from around the world. It’s a night of eye candy!

Come even December and January, Toronto has a multitude of interesting events covering many categories - we’ve just highlighted the June to September ones for you. Whether you live in Toronto or planning a visit, we can assure you there is something happening every week of the year. WELCOME TO TORONTO!

These events lend themselves to great promotional opportunities. Wild on Media’s Out of Home mediums offer an ideal means to reach the large audiences that attend. Our AERIAL ADVERTISING division offers a variety of unique aerial mediums including Airplane and Helicopter-towed Sky Signs and Sky Murals, individual and team Skywriting and our Helicopter mounted Digital Night Sign.

The MOBILE ADVERTISING division includes one or more Mobile Scrolling Ad Trucks, Glass Cube Display Trucks, LED Day and Night Time Video, Sound and Bluetooth Trucks, Mobile Night Time Video Trucks, LED illuminated Walking Billboards, Adbikes and Street Teams.

Laser and Wall Projections – which is the projection of full motion, static image or slide show advertising at night on the sides of buildings, are extremely dramatic and memorable. We hope to have more detailed information and videos of our Laser Wall Projection and LED Truck campaigns on our website soon. Meanwhile, please watch our Facebook Page and Youtube Channel, where they will appear first.

Here are links to videos of previous clients using the above outdoor mediums.

Benjamin Moore – Walking Billboards:

CTS TV – Mobile Video Truck & Walking Billboards:

Aerial Advertising – Sky Murals:

Digital Night Sign (helicopter mounted digital signs):

AdBikes – Dalhousie University:

Wall Projections – TD Jazz Festival:

For more information on these mediums as well as information on other Wild on Media Out of Home mediums visit the “Mediums” section of our website.

CUPE 79 is taking care of Toronto

Throughout the year Cupe Local 79 members take care of Toronto via their many activities which touch the lives of all its citizens.This summer, Cupe Local 79 is helped citizens and visitors enjoy the summer months by their participation in many of Toronto’s popular events with a Celebrate Summer theme.

At the start, Cupe Local 79 participated in the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, the very popular and well-attended Pride Parade and the South Asia Festival. They continued at the multifaceted Caribana Festival and Toronto's special food festival of the year, Taste of the Danforth.

Cupe Local 79, through their agency Scout Communications, and many of Wild on Media’s unique mediums, made an appearance at most of the events.Many event attendees cooled off by walking through Wild on Media’s Misting Centre, and were reminded of the importance of the Cupe Local 79  in their lives when they saw the branded Adbikes, Wild on Media’s large truck wrapped with the Cupe Local 79 logo, as well as on the Wild Postings throughout the Toronto region.There will also be a Street Team consisting of Brand Ambassadors handing out many gifts from Cupe Local 79 such as water bottles, mini medical kits, hand sanitizers, sunscreen, beach balls and even information cards that are seeded (so that you can plant the entire card and watch it flower!)

Cupe Local 79 truly did take care of Toronto this summer, and its citizens were able to celebrate with them at the city's most popular events

Cars cater to our need for speed

As citizens we have a strong desire to get to one place or another in the easiest and fastest means by which it can be achieved, thus, the car wins out all the time.We try bikes, we try buses, streetcars and subways, we try taxis and we even try walking. But we still turn to our cars whenever the phrase “in a hurry” captures the moment.

The automotive industry understands our wishes and works diligently to satisfy every one of them. And in all of our cities throughout Canada the showrooms at dealerships proudly display their latest offerings.In Toronto, along with the efforts of the dealerships, the industry provides two outstanding events every year that has car owners salivating at the mere thought of attending.

Toronto’s International auto show in February displays the latest models in a setting that any Hollywood producer would be proud to have produced. The public gazes upon each car, touches their exterior, feels the comfort, examines every part of the car they hope to buy, today, or tomorrow, or some day hopefully not too far away. And to titillate the citizenry even more, the car industry introduces concept cars – the cars that provide a glimpse as to what is in store for them in the near future. This is an industry that has staying power for one simple reason.

People love their cars.

The second big event for the industry in Toronto is held in July – the Honda Indy. This is the event that tests cars for a variety of levels of performance. It is at events like the Honda Indy where many of new engineering developments get their most extensive trials in front of a critical audience. The Honda Indy, like race events around the world, perform a valuable function in the ongoing and continuing focus to create higher performance automobiles. And because of this, we all get to drive better and more reliable cars.

These two events provide advertisers with unique opportunities to promote their products whether they be directly related to the automotive market or allied in so many other ways. Gas and oil, tires, servicing and insurance are just a few of the items directly related to cars. And potato chips, popcorn, candy bars, soft drinks and gum, are a few of the items that are associated with car travel. The current Honda Indy is a natural opportunity for dozens of products to promote themselves by the use of Wild on Media’s aerial advertising mediums, Sky Murals (our largest aerial banners towed by helicopters) Sky Signs (slightly smaller aerial banners towed by airplanes) as well as individual and team Skywriting.This is an excellent way to simultaneously reach the hundreds of thousands at the Indy plus the many hundreds of thousands on the streets below.

Toronto Honda Indy Website: