About Us


Based in Toronto with representatives in Montreal and Vancouver, the Wild On Media management team has a background firmly rooted in the advertising world, in both conventional and non-traditional marketing strategies, providing a wealth of experience in dealing with the day-to-day media owner/agency relationships and business affairs.

Wild On Media has built a solid reputation through many years of exemplary service and attention to detail for our agencies and ultimately our clients. We understand the time pressures that agency planners and buyers face and how quickly a  client's demands can change. A Wild On Media account executive is always available to report on campaign progress and status, and remain flexible and adaptable to changes to ensure a successful campaign.

Wild On Media has a simple mandate: Provide the greatest possible return for the marketing dollar. We do this outside of typical media through five attention-demanding outdoor mediums that have no equal for capturing and influencing the minds of the consumer: Aerial Advertising, Wall Projections, Mobile Advertising and more.

Contact us regarding any campaigns you or your client are working on We would be thrilled to put together a proposal for you. Ad Agency discounts apply.

You can contact any member of the Wild On Media team at 416.481.2255



Traditional advertising

WHAT WE DO: Nearly 30 mostly guerrilla advertising services (and counting)

Letter Banners by Airplane
Printed Banners by Airplane or Helicopter
Massive and Record-Setting Printed Banners by Helicopter

Raising Screen LED Video Truck - NEW

LED Video, Sound and Bluetooth Truck
Video Projection and Sound Truck
Scrolling Ad Truck
Glass Display Truck
Tri-vision Truck

Video Projections (Standard and Large-Scale)
Video Projections with Online Connectivity
Video Mapping - call for information
Augmented Reality - call for information
Still Image Projections
Laser Projections

Walking Billboards

Night time Helicopter Advertising


Traditional Skywriting
Digital / Dot Matrix Skywriting


Wild Postings
Street Events
Street Teams
Brand Ambassadors
Misting Centre

Social Media Support


Our History:


In 1998 we imported from Las Vegas, and installed, the first Canadian inner city video billboard accessible to advertisers. It lit up the burgeoning Yonge and Eglinton community. Being large, bright and high above the crowds and vehicular traffic, it was greatly sought after by local and national advertisers, and was also used to broadcast live television events. We complimented what became a growing video billboard network by offering guerrilla-style still-image and video wall projection services.

That pioneering video billboard installation brought such success and excitement to the Toronto advertising community that we responded by expanding our clients’  choices with additional leading-edge mediums, importing them when we discovered they could be employed effectively in Canada.

When we adopted helicopter aerial banner techniques and expertise, Wild On Wings was born. The company literally took off.

As our mediums grew in number, it became apparent that a final name change was necessary - so we are now known throughout Canada as Wild On Media and offer dozens of non traditional and unique mediums and services.

Our Clients:

・ Local, regional, national and global companies
・ Associations
・ Special interest groups
・ Advertising agencies
・ Public relations agencies
・ Promotions companies
・ Publicists
・ Experiential agencies


The Nature of our Business:

Given the nature of guerrilla advertising generally, and the range of mediums we have specifically selected, there is a strong attraction towards hiring Wild On Media for special events and promotions, openings and launches. In addition, our mediums offer an experiential way for a smaller company to ambush large advertisers effectively and memorably.

It is not unusual for Wild On Media to provide season-long promotional support utilizing an assortment of mediums to suit selected events and times, day or night.

We shy away from no opportunity to live up to our name. If you have an idea that seems a little wild, or would like someone to suggest a few, we’re here and waiting for your call.


"Everything went well. The truck was certainly a hit, we got a kick out of how many people would stop to look or even yell out how much they loved it." Toronto Pride Parade

Kyle Greenwood, AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)

"Wild on Media is a dedicated bunch of kind-hearted people who will jump to get the job done right. They truly care about the brands they help represent.”

Scout Communications Inc.
(CUPE Local 79 summer-long multi-mediums campaign)

Wild On Media was very reliable in executing our needs for our client’s CountryWide Homes walking billboard campaign. Their guidance in providing out of the box non-traditional solutions is invaluable to our organization.

Joseph Grasso, Redngen

"The Digital Night Sign at the Virgin Music Festival in Toronto provided Pizza Pizza with a very unique and powerful communication platform, consistent with their brand values of bringing people together."

Fred Masciarelli, Media Director, Media Dimensions Limited

“The all-new 2009 Ford Flex is an exciting addition to our Crossover line up, and represents Ford's commitment to delivering automotive innovation and forward thinking to the Canadian marketplace. We wanted a communication strategy that fits this thinking, and implementing a media campaign incorporating Wall Projections was an obvious choice for delivering that strategy."

Jamie Rae, Marketing Communications Manager, Ford of Canada

"We feel that the Red Bull Wild on Media Wall Projections campaign was a great compliment to our tactics on the ground. Ensuring flexibility in terms of locations and almost real-time adjustments, this support represents a unique platform that creates surprises and brings a lot of attention. Plus, service was really fast, almost real-time."

Marc-Andre Menard, STRATEGE media

We were most delighted with the response to the Wild On Media LED Video Truck and the Walking Billboards. They drew a lot of attention from the press and provided a powerful visual reinforcement to our members. The vivid displays communicated clearly and effectively; everyone was talking about it. Thank you!

Andres Musta, Co-chair Durham ETFO EduACTion Campaign

Fashion Week

" The screen looks great, images are bright not blinding. I was amazed on the quality of the screens. Our ads were visible from very far away and love the fact that the truck positions itself in high traffic areas".

Laila H.

"We recently used Wild On Media to promote a brand new documentary airing on CTS, called "Journey To Christmas." We used Walking Billboards, as well as the Mobile Video Truck that played our “Journey To Christmas” promo. The reach and coverage that Wild On Media gave us was excellent! They have a dedicated staff that walked the streets for us, handing out hundreds of postcards. The Mobile Video Truck was also eye-catching and exciting, especially along the busiest streets of Toronto. We will definitely consider using Wild On Media in the future to promote our upcoming projects!"

Luke Vanden Bosch | Associate Producer / Editor
CTS TV/Crossroads Christian Communications Inc.

'Very impactful, We had great response. Those Walking Billboards were so like-like!'

Darren Wasylyk, Corus Entertainment

"Mobile Bikes provided us with an innovative and interactive way to launch our new campaign in a market saturated with media options. Further, the Eco-friendly nature of the bikes reinforced our commitment to sustainability while delivering our message in a unique way."

Keri Irwin
Manager, Communications & Marketing
Dalhousie University

“Wild on Media provided that extra element that took the campaign to a new level.  Their street teams allowed us to make an impact and interact with our consumers.”

Derek Leaney
Media Director
Groundzero Marketing Communications
Benjamin Moore Paints