Outdoor Advertising Services

LED Video Truck

Mobile Advertising Toronto

We have a advertising truck to reach every market. Click here to see a video of our Raising Screen LED Video Truck. All them are amazing night and day, but this one is over-the-top.

Helicopter and Airplane Banners, Skywriting, Night Time Helicopters and Blimps

Aerial Advertising

Aerial Advertising creates a powerful promotional message in the uncluttered skies day or night. We also have extreme options for the most ambitious campaigns.

Brand Ambassadors / More Mediums

Street Teams / More Mediums

Many of Wild On Media´s mediums are well suited for Brand Ambassadors. Our Walking Billboards, Adbikes and Misting Centre are particularly effective for street promotions and special events.

Wall Projections and Outdoor Laser Advertising

Wall Projections Advertising

See your message animated or static in one or several locations where your market can be reached. We can also use lasers to create an incredibly memorable moment.

Sampling Trucks and Glass Cube Display Trucks

Aerial Advertising

We have an advertising truck to reach every market. Use our Sampling Truck to distribute products, or opt for our Glass Cube Display Truck to showcase your product or invite people in!


Aerial Advertising

Adbikes are human-powered, mounted with light boxes and can be pedaled along city streets, pedestrian paths, service roads, park areas, amusement areas and near malls.